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We specialize in answering impossible questions. With 20 years experience coming up through the ranks we provide expert advice and keep applications secure and up to date.

Industry Experience:

Travel/Tourism, Public Sector, Healthcare, Retail, Legal, Higher Education, Energy, Gaming & Startups

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  • Client satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Clients pay for services delivered at a pre-determined hourly rate unless a flat rate service has been agreed upon.
  • Typically, hourly clients are invoiced monthly with payment terms of "Due on receipt".
  • Flat rate payment terms are generally 50% deposit prior to work starting and 50% (remaining balance) due prior to go live.
  • A detailed timesheet is provided with all hourly invoices.
  • Onsite training & premium support are also available.

Your privacy is extremely important to us and we are committed to safeguarding the information you entrust to us.

We will not disclose information about you or your business without permission unless it is required by government subpoena.